2018 Activities

2018 started with a BANG. In January, our ladies had their first brew day for the “Mistresses of Mash.” In February we headed to Upland, Claremont and Pomona for a brew-bus tour, hitting Sour Cellars, Dragon’s Tale, Claremont Craft Ales, and Homage Brewing. In March we hosted our first BeerMeBrew Cup with 95 entries with the award ceremony at Skyland in April. In May we had our off-flavor tasting, hosted by Sean and Tim. In June we had our first “Brew with BeerMe” day at Lee’s, with Brandon, Rob, Brian, Lee, Mike and Wayne all bringing their brew rigs and brewing.

BeerMe is also brewing for and serving at the Music Brings Hope charity event. Five brewers will be brewing for the event and three members are serving. This event is October 6, 2018. (Flier Link)

(More to come)


  • January – Route 30
  • February – Skyland
  • March – Main Street
  • April – Packinghouse
  • May – Lee’s house
  • June – Euryale
  • July – Sons of Liberty
  • August –
  • September –
  • October –
  • November –
  • December Party –

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