Our History

One day, long ago (in 2015) a couple of Daves decided to start a club. The first dues were paid in February of 2015 at Sons of Liberty Aleworks in Norco and we’ve grown ever since – both in number of members, and in number of Daves – we’re at 5, presently!

In 2016 we joined the AHA and became an “official” club (whatever that means).

We meet at various breweries in the NW Riverside County area where we buy their beer, share our own, and learn from teachers and each other about brewing, tasting, and anything else.

Meet the 2019 Board

Here is the 2020 Board – elected in November 2019 meeting (The 2021 Board will be elected at the November 2020 meeting)


Brandon Musich

2020 President

2019 At Large (Education Coordinator)

Sean Frates

2020 Vice President

2019 President

2017 President

Melissa Bartholomew

2020 Treasurer

2019 Beer Scribe

Rob Sullivan

2020 At Large (Education Coordinator)

2019 At Large (Events Coordinator)

2018 Education Chair

2017 Vice President

Don Fitzgerald

2020 At LargeĀ 

Lee Sebor

2020 At Large

Brian Barnhart

2020 At Large (Merch and Marketing)

2019 At Large (Merch and Marketing)

2019 Board

  • Pres: Sean Frates (2017 ex officio, 2016 Pres)
  • Vice Pres: Travis Nebel (2018 Events, 2017 Pres)
  • Treasurer: Mike Malsed (2017 Media, 2018 Pres)
  • Events Coordinator: Rob Sullivan (2017 Vice Pres, 2018 Education)
  • Education Chair: Brandon Musich (2019)
  • Beer Scribe: Melissa Bartholomew (2019)
  • Merch and Marketing: Brian Barnhart (2019)

2018 Board

  • Pres: Mike Malsed (2017 Media, 2018)
  • Vice Pres: Tim Clifford (2018)
  • Treasurer: Dave Ruegg (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Events Coordinator: Travis Nebel (2017 Pres, 2018)
  • Education Chair: Rob Sullivan (2018)

Next year…?

Feel like you should be on the board next year? Become a member, get yourself nominated! Elections happen in November for 2020.

Run for the board!