Typical Club Activities

BeerMeBrew Club has a few “big” events as well as a number of smaller ones.

Here is the UPCOMING event – Amber Waves of Grain – November 2, 2019.

Here’s an example of the big ones we do:


Bus Tour

Early in the year, we rent a bus to take us to a cluster of breweries. We sample their wares, we talk with the brewers, and we enjoy each others’ company!


Homebrew Competition

In late March, we hold the BeerMeBrew Cup.

Music Brings Hope 10.2018 Flyer

Charity Event

BeerMe loves to help. Beer is a social thing, and social things can help – so let’s help out some deserving groups. As a club, we can serve at an event hosted by an established charity (501c3) and we have.


Pairing Dinner

We will be doing a nice beer-dinner pairing in late 2018. Nicer than your typical burger and beer – this is an evening to enjoy and remember!

We do a bunch of other things too!

Off-flavor tastings (typically using kits from Siebel Institute); Mock judgings (to help us get ready for competitions or just learn); group brew days (which are a blast); Brewery visits to talk in-depth with the brewer; and just getting-together!

Honestly, we really just enjoy each others’ company!

Find out what we do and when we’re doing it on our Facebook group page.